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File Small Claims Online in Texas Court

Does Someone Owe You Money? Recover Monies Owed!
We Research, Prepare, File Your Case in Small Claims Court Texas.

Texas Small Claims Online $149.95


File Small Claims Court in Texas Online

In Small Claims Court of Texas, any individual, business, or corporation may bring a small claims suit for the recovery of money when the amount requested is $4,000 or less. Even if you have a claim for a slightly greater amount, you may choose to voluntarily limit it to $4,000 in order to take advantage of the small claims court procedure. Attorneys are not allowed. A person filing must be 18 years of age or be represented by someone 18 or over. The person being sued must be 18 years of age. There cannot be more than ten (10) small claims cases filed by one individual or business in this court during any calendar year.

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States by both area and population. Geographically located in the South Central region of the country, Texas shares borders with the U.S. states of Louisiana to the east, Arkansas to the northeast, Oklahoma to the north, New Mexico to the west, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas to the southwest, and has a coastline with the Gulf of Mexico to the southeast.

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Small Claims Court Limit For Texas

In Small Claims Court of Texas, actions can be brought for the recovery of money damages that do not exceed $20,000. The Small Claims Court cannot award more than $20,000, plus court costs, and it can award only monetary damages. The court cannot order a party to do anything or to refrain from doing something.

Texas Small Claims Court Fees

In the State of Texas, Small Claims Filing offers complete Filing and Serving services. The state of Texas Court fee is $41-$51. Serving includes restricted mail service & sheriff/private process options will be provided to you later during the procedure. All fees are added to the case against the defendant so you can recover these costs. We will handle your entire small claims from start to finish!

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To file your small claims case and serve the defendant, the price for this state is $74.95.

File Small Claims Court Texas Online 

Why do you waste your time energy after a small claim? We are here to take pain for you. We are literate enough about the Small Claims Court System. We will get your claim filed and make you free from worries. We file Texas Small Claim in the relevant court. We provide proof after the task is completed. Our policy provides individuals and companies peace of mind.

Texas Small Claims Court Statute Of Limitations

The Statute of Limitation of Texas small claims court is 4 Years for a written contract, 4 Years is for Oral Contract, 2 Years is for personal Injuries, and 2 Years for Property Damage.

Texas Small Claims Court Forms

We use the right forms for Texas small claims court. Any other forms will not be accepted by the Texas small claims court. Our paralegal staff uses the correct forms and also fills it right.

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Suing Someone in Texas Court Or Being Sued?

We, in Texas Small Claim filing offer in case if you want to file a case against somebody, we can help by:

  • Serving Your Small Claims Papers Before The Deadline.
  • Serve Your Claim In Proper Legal Way for Texas Court.
  • Fill Your Proof With The Texas Court​.
online small claims filing Texas
Texas online small claims filing

In case you are sued, we talk to the relevant person or company to settle things down. We appeal your small claim judgment as well.

E-Filing Services in Texas

Small Claim Texas E-file your legal documents to Texas courts that accept E-Filling on your behalf. 

Small Claims For Bad Cheque Or Payment in Texas

Texas Small Claim settles all money matters reliably and authentically if you are deceived in money matters.

File Small Claims in Texas For Security Deposit 

In Texas Small Claim, if your former landlord refuses to return the security deposited you paid, we offer our services.

Texas Small Claims Filing if Refusing To Pay After A Car Accident

If someone ruins your car in Texas and refuses to pay for its repair, you can file small claims to recover your car accident damage. Small claims filing prepares all the documents to file a small claim in Texas court.

Direct Legal Small Claim Service in Texas

We provide full service of handling of writs both state and federal.

Court Filling Small Claim Texas Services

Throughout Texas in the small claims, we offer services to accommodate on the same day, next day, or routine service.

Who Can Sue Small Claim In Court Texas?

Those who can claim for Small Claim Texas are listed below:

  • Married Couples can file small claims in Texas court.
  • Business Partnerships can also file small claims
  • Corporations can  file small claims
  • Government Agencies can file small claims
  • Motor Vehicle Claims can be handled
  • Minors can also file small claims in the court of Texas
  • Prisoners can file small claims
  • Bill Collectors​ can also file small claims in Texas

How Much Does It Cost To File A Small Claim Court, Texas?

There is a $30 filing fee for a case asking for up to $1500. To claim over $1500, and up to $5,000, there is a filing fee of $50.  If your claim is above $5,000, the filing fee is $75. If you file more than 12 cases in a year, subsequent cases will cost $100.


Q: Can you file small claims online in Texas?
Ans: Visit your Texas county courthouse to fill out the necessary small claims paperwork. In some counties, our paralegal staff can file the required paperwork online on behalf of you. Depending on your state, the online forms may include a “Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Go to Texas Small Claims Court” form as well as a “Proof of Service (Small Claims)” form.

Q: Where do I file a small claims case in Texas?
Visit your Texas county courthouse to fill out the required lawsuit filing paperwork. For Texas you can find the required paperwork online and we also file small claims in the court of Texas on your behalf. Depending on your Texas state, the online small claims filing forms may include a “Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court” form as well as a “Proof of Service (Small Claims)” form.

Q: How do I file a small claim in Texas Court?
We are here to file your small claims in the court of Texas. Our paralegal staff is very good at filling out the small claims paperwork. However, you can follow the following steps.
1.If the dispute is not settled outside of Texas court then you have the option to file the small claims online in Texas court.
2.Contact the Texas county clerk in the small claims court district closest to the residence or business of the person you are suing. ...
3.Fill out a complaint form, otherwise known as a "Statement of Claim" at the clerk's office, and pay the filing fee.

Q: How much does it cost to take someone to Texas small claims court?

Ans: Taking someone to small claims court, you'll generally pay a small claims filing fee in Texas court of less than $100 that is recoverable if you win. Meanwhile, Texas state will cap the amount you are allowed to sue for. According to CourtLinked It typically ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

Q: What kind of cases can be heard in Texas small claims court?
Ans: Small claims courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, meaning that they can only hear specific types of cases. Most small claims courts can only hear civil cases involving small amounts of money, usually $10,000 or less.

Q: Do I need a lawyer for small claims court Texas?
Ans: Most people who appear in Texas small claims court present their own case and don't have a lawyer. Small claims court rules, including maximum amounts for which you can sue, vary by state. To bring your case in small claims court in Texas, you must be seeking to recover $3,000 or less.

Q: How long do small claims take in Texas Court?
It depends on the County. Smaller counties will probably give you the court date when the complaint is filed. Some will need to be processed. Your court date is generally within 45 days (as stated earlier) and you will get notice of it within a week or two.

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